Luxury and High-end Condos for Sale in Vaughan

Tuesday Mar 28th, 2017


Vaughan is one of the buzziest suburb of Toronto. It is close to various highways which makes it a perfect city for Toronto commuters. Many professionals and business owners who are working in downtown area prefer to live in Vaughan. These individuals, newcomers, investors, and young families prefer to buy and live in high rises and condominium apartments. There are many luxury condos available for sale. Some of these are new developments, and many of them are fairly new ones which are listed for sale by owners.

Gerry Groskopf is one the leading realtors working to help condo buyers find their perfect match. Luxury condos have everything with a few steps of your home. It is a hassle and maintenance free lifestyle with all the amenities. Most of these new condo developments are being constructed near to major highways. These luxury condos allow their residents easy access to Toronto and other urban areas. Highway 401, 407,427,7 and 27 are all within 5 minutes of driving distance. With Vaughan Mills Mall and Canada’s Wonderland there are no shortage of entertainment in Vaughan. There are many cultural and arts festivals and events held all around the year. There are many fine dining restaurants close to luxury condos in Vaughan. For people living in such buildings there are simply no shortage for any entertainment and amenities in Vaughan. 

With the Commercial real estate Vaughan boom in Toronto, Vaughan and its luxury condo market is seeing a great increase in their value. There are many new condo projects under construction. These new projects offer a great opportunity for local and foreign investors to enjoy a great return on their investment on a considerable short amount of time. These luxury condos are specially appealing to newcomers in Canada. They have the chance to learn about their locality while enjoying all seasons without any extra worries of clearing snow and leaves. 

Luxury condos in Vaughan offer many amenities for their residents. Many of these condos buildings have extra storage spaces for people to store their large belongings like skis, canoes. and other items. Underground and heated parking garage for you and your visitors is also a necessity in luxury condos in Vaughan. These condos also offer game and weight rooms. They also offer theatre rooms which have large high resolution screens and seating for up to 30 people. Large and intimate party rooms are also available for residents in these buildings. So, you can have fun with your friends and family while enjoying a private space. These rooms are lavishly decorated with top quality and beautiful furniture and décor pieces. 

Another very important feature in luxury condos is the security of its residents. The exquisite entrance always has restricted entrance with a guard(s) on duty all day, everyday. This means there are no soliciting and unwanted knocks on the weekend. You can be assured that your belongings and cars are safe in a luxury condo building. 

Ideal Properties has detailed listing of luxury condos for sale in Vaughan. If, you are looking to buy or sell your condo in Vaughan, call Gerry today, to get the best value for your investment! 


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